Outsource Institute of Technology is a flexible, passionate and knowledgeable Registered Training Organisation delivering nationally accredited business, management and engineering courses whilst focussing on building relationships with clients and students alike.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be recognised locally and globally as a premium provider of flexible and customised Engineering and Business Training solutions.

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It is our mission to continuously expand and enhance our relationships with our Australian and International customers while continuously improving our systems, course offerings and people.

Applicable courses have the opportunity to be subsidised via appropriate funded programs. These programs are used to assist in bearing the costs of studying particular courses offered. To find out if you are eligible click on More Info »

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environmental engineering

What is environmental engineering?

Does the profession ‘Environmental Engineer’ make you think of long-haired hippies with a recycled note pad? You could be right, but the career path chosen by these individuals is a benevolent one. So what “exactly” is Environmental Engineering you might ask? Environmental Engineering is not a new phenomenon, in fact the importance of Environmental Engineers dates back to the dawn of civilization! Continue Reading »

Evolution of Cars

Evolution of cars from steam to eco-friendly

Most of us can remember our first car. Whether it was the daggy old family station wagon or a Datsun 200B with the hard vinyl roof, squeaky brakes and coat hanger for an aerial, it was yours. That first vehicle will always hold a certain significance – from saving all of your hard earned paychecks to buy it (and petrol money for cruising around with music blaring and arm out the window of course), to ensuring you got that Pearl Jam sticker perfectly centered on the back window. Continue Reading »

Dec 2015 - Engineering Vacancy Update

The Australian engineering labour market update – December 2015

At the end of each month, the Department of Employment releases a Vacancy Report outlining the changes of the Internet Vacancy Index (IVI) for around 350 occupations[1]. Every month, we’ll analyse this report and outline the major changes to the engineering labour market in Australia. Movements in vacancies provide broad indications about the direction in which labour market changes are heading. Continue Reading »

Cambodia giving books

A ship load of reading for Cambodia – Can you help?

Our friends at Global Village Housing work closely with another amazing organisation called Sunrise Cambodia and they are on the lookout for books to send over in a container this month. Sunrise Cambodia is a world-class charity working on the ground in Cambodia to give much-needed help to at-risk kids, struggling families and poor communities in some of the most poverty-stricken provinces of the country. Continue Reading »

Monday Favourite Day

Mundane Mondays…here are 8 reasons to get rid of the Monday blues

Even if you are happy at your job, the sound of that Monday morning alarm is almost as bad as nails on a chalkboard. A weekend well spent is when Monday is in a land far far away. But eventually no matter how hard you try to steer the other direction; Sunday always turns into Monday. Continue Reading »

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