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Australian miner.

Exceptionally positive mining boom outlook generating immense demand for workforce expansion

The mining boom in Queensland opens up an immense opportunity to Queensland workers. According to the Queensland Resources Council (QRC), 44% of mining companies believe that expanding their workforce is essential to combat skills shortages. This extrapolates opportunities for up-skilling and for staff from other industries with the necessary know-how. Due to the forecasted mining boom… Continue reading »


How to refresh your skills post trade

In this day and age it has become challenging for some engineering workers to find a new job in the same industry. In some instances this may be due to the changing expectations of what is expected of workers and the currency of their qualifications. Due to the demands of day to day living many… Continue reading »

refrigeration and air conditioning training with the mobile unit

Qualifications leading to a career in the refrigeration and air conditioning (RAC) industry.

Have you considered a career in the climate control industry? This qualification is the cornerstone of the climate control industry. It provides competencies to select components, install, set up, test, fault find, repair and maintain refrigeration systems and equipment that apply to food storage and preservation, air conditioning and air distribution equipment in buildings and… Continue reading »

Support for Unemployed Apprentices

Are you an out of work Apprentice? Have you recently been dismissed, laid off or made redundant? Many Apprentices lose their jobs as a result of economic downturns and need to find an employer to complete their training. This can happen to any anyone and while it can be discouraging, there are many associations available… Continue reading »

safety mistakes

Five common safety mistakes businesses make and easy ways to solve them

The most exciting topic in human history… “Safety!” Don’t delete or pretend you need to go to the toilet just yet… As a person conducting a business or undertaking (PCBU), under Section 19 of the WHS act, we have a primary duty of care as far as reasonably practicable, to provide a safe work environment…. Continue reading »