Rhiannon Roberts

Rhiannon Roberts

What will your role be at Outsource Institute?
Administrative Support Officer.

What experience do you have?
I have completed a Certificate I and II in Business, as well as, a Certificate I in Work Education. I previously worked in the Hair Dressing industry, so I have developed strong customer service skills which I feel will become immediately beneficial in my new role at Outsource Institute.

Why did you want to work for Outsource Institute?
Outsource Institute seems like a great company to work for and their values align really closely to my own. I was also looking for a career change, having previously worked in the Hair Dressing industry and valuing education, I decided working within the education industry would be right up my alley. I also wanted to work for Outsource Institute as they have offered me a trainee-ship with a path for ongoing professional development.

I really enjoy spending time with my family, going to the beach and organising. Being well organised affords me the ability to keep on task in an orderly fashion. I have a sunny disposition and enjoy working with other like-minded individuals. I love learning new things and being able to put these learnings into practice. I am excited about my role with Outsource Institute and working as a part of their innovative and dynamic team.

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