Poly Welding Accredited Short Course

This program will provide you with a strong understanding of polyethylene pipe, products and fittings relevant to Butt’ and Electrofusion’ welding requirements. You will be able to carry out both welding techniques to industry standards while receiving exposure to industry resources and field experts.

You will cover two units of competency in this accredited short course which can lead to certification as a polyethylene pipe welder in manufacturing plants, mining industry, gas and water industry.

Why Poly Welding?

Learn a highly in demand skill for the mining, gas and agricultural industries with a qualification in poly welding. Currently in Australia and overseas there is a huge need for accredited tradesmen for the installation of plastic pipeline systems. This course is appropriate for anyone involved in the installation and maintenance of pipelines especially process technicians or personnel involved in dewatering.

Units Covered

Butt weld polyethylene plastic pipelines (PMBWELD301)

Butt welding (Butt fusion) of the Polyethylene (PE) pipelines and piping components in accordance with the Australian Guidelines POP003, AS4130, AS4131, AS4401, AS5065 and ISO21307(E).

Electrofusion weld polyethylene pipelines (PMBWELD302)

Electrofusion welding of Polyethylene (PE) pipelines and fittings for pressure applications in accordance with Australian Guidelines POP001, AS4129, AS4130, AS413 and AS4401.

Course Details

Outsource Institute of Technology (OIT) delivers this accredited short course in a flexible, student-focused manner via theory based application and on-the-job training. The theory can be delivered via face to face training or at the convenience of the student online.


Poly Welding
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