11 Tips for success

tips for success
“My definition of success? The more you’re actively and practically engaged, the more successful you will be.” – Richard Branson.

Because the world has become so competitive, you will have to do your best to secure your share of success. Employing these Laws of Success will help you prosper not just as an employee, but in all aspects of your life.

Valuable employee tips to ponder;

character driven

1. Be character-driven

Character is the virtue of knowing right from wrong, even in the face of negative pressures.  It requires one to be honest and upright in everything he or she does.

switch places

2. Put yourself in the place of an employer

Employees are a representation of their company. How they conduct and present themselves, interact with customers and fellow employees, and the quality of their work, reflects directly on their organisation.

multi skilled

3. Being multi-skilled

Sound advice for those looking to further themselves in their careers is to “always increase the value of the real-estate.”  Instead of being a reference about land, property, homes or buildings, it is actually an analogy about increasing your value as an employee by increasing your skill set.


4. Being reliable

Few things are as aggravating to an employer as dealing with a worker who does not carry out instructions. As a result, the company misses crucial deadlines, makes mistakes, and produces faulty products or provides poor service—all of which result in unhappy customers.

positive attitude

5. Having a positive attitude

Individuals with positive attitudes are well-liked by their co-workers. They are easy to get along with and people enjoy being around them.  Why?  No one wants to be around someone who is unhappy.  Pessimism and negativity breed more of the same.  Cheerful attitudes are contagious.  They have a positive effect on the workplace.


6. Take responsibility

Tradespeople take great pride in their work.  They are accountable and feel an obligation to be the very best.  Often they would pour hours into their crafts.  Today, many tradespeople barely do enough to rightly earn a paycheck.  This is reflected by the lack of quality in goods produced and services rendered.  If you want to become a more valuable employee, understand your particular job responsibilities and attempt to go above and beyond what is required.


7. Being proactive

There are two types of employees—those who wait to be told what to do and those who take initiative and find innovative ways to be productive to benefit their employer. Managers notice a self-motivated worker and will seek them out for advancement.


8. Being dependable

Often, employees repeatedly arrive late, call in sick, or do not show up at all. When someone fails to show, the impact is felt beyond the person.  Others must pick up the slack.


9. Being diligent

Few today are willing to finish what they start. Yet a diligent person applies constant effort and is persistent in what he/she does without waning.  They do not give up at the first sign of adversity.

self disciplined

10. Being self-disciplined

Distractions in the modern world can make it difficult to focus while on the job.  If not careful, we can allow concerns outside of work to creep in and steal away ‘attention’ that is actually being bought and paid for by your employer.


11. Dedication

Consistently exceeding an employer’s expectations and being willing to take on any task shows dedication.  Many employees feel as though they are ‘above’ a given task and voice their complaints.


So there you have it, are you ready to become the next Richard Branson or Arianna Huffington? Do you have any tips you would like to share? Outsource Institute encourage you to please share your tips below.

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