ACPET LLN Showcase 2015

What is the ACPET LLN Showcase?

ACPET LLN Showcase

The Australian Council for Private Education and Training’s (ACPET) purpose is to enhance and promote the capabilities of its members, Registered Training Organisations (RTO), to achieve the highest quality education outcomes. Each year participants of ACPET’s current RTO Language, Learning & Numeracy (LLN) Capable Project showcase the LLN products they developed as part of this project.

Our involvement in the ACPET LLN Showcase?

Outsource Institute of Technology was asked to participate in the RTO LLN Capable Project for 2014 -2015 due to their ongoing commitment to professional development for their trainers and assessors throughout the early months of 2015. Outsource Institute was personally approached and asked to present via webinar as part of the Master Class for ACPET’s Foundation Skills Series. The purpose of the presentation was to showcase to other RTO’s how we are implementing the National Foundation Skills Strategy for Adults, by providing examples of our practices and procedures.

How does it include us?

Outsource Institute is one of 16 RTO’s involved in the RTO LLN Capable Project for 2014 -2015 which comprises of a series of webinars that project team members attend to gain valuable information on the implementation of LLN within the RTO.

What benefits does it hold?

Being part of this project has given Outsource Institute opportunity to learn from industry leaders and experts in the field of LLN and adult learning. With access to this program we have been able to plan and implement the systematic review of all training materials to meet the new national standards.

What did we do for it?

Outsource Institute took part in the project, the subsequent workshops/webinars and presentation opportunities to ensure that we continue to be a provider of quality education and training for our clients. At Outsource Institute, we recognised a need to ensure our clients do not just finish their studies with a piece of paper, but a quality education with actual skills and knowledge. The ACPET LLN project is allowing us to continuously improve our processes, procedures, learning materials and facilitation to meet the needs of our diverse client base.

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