Can you afford not being on top of workplace health and safety?

Highly skilled, experienced and knowledgeable employees are the backbone of Caution wet floor signany successful business and any business owner would agree that their employees are their most valuable asset. Their health and well-being should consequently be a major priority. Although safety training is a cost to your business, inadequate training can cost workers their lives.  According to the latest figures published by Safe Work Australia, 178 workers lost their lives in 2016. In 2017, 45 Australian workers have already been killed in the workplace. Workplace health and safety training is important for so many reasons, not only for the prevention of injury or death but for many other lesser known benefits too, and is something that should not be overlooked.


Benefits of workplace health and safety training

  1. Minimise financial losses
    Educating employees and managers on the basics of workplace health and safety can help to reduce accidents and injuries. This in turn reduces the risk of costly legal battles and large payouts, thus minimising the likelihood of companies suffering from potentially heavy financial losses.
  2. Creates a happier workforce
    A safe working environment generally leads to a happier workforce. Because of this, employees are more likely to stick around. By retaining good employees, companies therefore do not have to spend money on recruiting new staff or training up existing ones.
  3. Improved productivity
    Mitigating risks through education and training can also help to improve workplace productivity. Studies have shown that when employees are in a safe working environment, they focus better on individual tasks which come together to improve overall productivity. Better productivity ultimately means a better run business and generally, that equates to greater profits.


Safety and Health at Work and Workers’ Memorial Day

The World Day for Safety and Health at Work and Workers’ Memorial Day falls on this Friday 28 April 2017. Join Outsource Institute of Technology in honouring those who have died at work and think about how you or your place of work can prevent future work-related deaths, injuries and illnesses. Do your part in helping to prevent further injuries and death by raising awareness and taking the lead in work health and safety. For more information on the day or how to get involved, click here.



What does Outsource Institute offer?

Outsource Institute of Technology provides a variety of Workplace Health and Safety courses:

  1. BSB41415 Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety
  2. BSB51315 Diploma of Work Health and Safety
  3. BSB60615 Advanced Diploma of Work Health and Safety

To find out more on Outsource Institute of Technology or the courses offered, call 1300 136 904 today.

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