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The Honey Badger knows “Skills pay the bills!”

Nick Honey Badger Cummins
We interrupt, to give our network a very important message from The 2018 Bachelor himself, Aussie larrikin Nick “Honey Badger” Cummins. 

“We all know that bills give ya chills, but skills pay the bills, and if you don’t gain the skills, you’re like the kid that fell out of the tree… ya just not in it!”

Well- known athlete and sports personality and now The Bachelor Nick “Honey Badger” Cummins, had been a labourer for a number of years, when he realised “My smoko bill was bigger than my wage”, it was at this point in time he knew he had to take action…

Experience counts, particularly when it’s formally recognised. If you are in the mining, metal, fabrication, and/or manufacturing industries, and have learnt your skills on the job, but do not hold a formal qualification, you should take the time  to have your skills formally recognised!

Nick Honey Badger Cummins showing off his Tradie Skills

At Outsource Institute we encourage individuals to consider upskilling, re-skilling or adding specialist qualifications to their existing credentials. By doing this, these individuals find themselves standing out in the job market, being offered promotion and providing themselves with greater employment security.

The courses that are available from Outsource Institute can provide you with a diverse range of skills that can give you a competitive advantage when looking for work or trying to stay in your current occupation. Some of these courses may have applicable government funding, or you may be eligible to for an interest free payment plan!

Badge says:

“If you don’t get recognition for the skills you already have, ya left with the south end of a north bound wombat.”

In case you need a hand understanding any of these Aussie slang words and phrases, be sure to download the free “Honey Badger” app at the links below and you’ll feel right at home!

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Talk to the team at Outsource Institute, so you can get leverage from what you’ve learned on the job. Call 1300 136 904 or check out their courses by clickin’ here.

Opportunities in the manufacturing industry and Industry 4.0

It’s no secret that the Manufacturing Industry in Australia at present is undergoing significant change. The sector, whilst in a period of decline, is still however a core part of Australia’s economy and represents the 6th largest sector in Australia in terms of total jobs, accounting for 8% of employment and therefore remains one of Australia’s most important industries.[1] [2]

This wave of several technological advances in the manufacturing industry such as additive manufacturing, cyber-physical systems, cloud computing and cognitive computing is called Industry 4.0. Industry 4.0 is mostly characterised by improvements in efficiency and flexibility and the acquisition of previously unattainable capabilities.[3]

The demand for more expensive and bespoke products suggests that the manufacturing industry is not declining but evolving, opening the opportunity for existing workers to expand their knowledge of the latest technologies and fill the science and technology gaps by upskilling.[4]

Organisations at the forefront of this change, that are wanting to remain competitive in the industry, have commenced upskilling their workforce. For example Watkins Steel, one of our clients, is embracing the technological changes in manufacturing and is an industry leader in the steel fabrication industry. They have implemented augmented reality (AR) as part of their customer communications. For instance, Watkins Steel can design and draft entire buildings through their augmented reality and see the buildings in full size or scaled down sizes so that the customer can see their new buildings in real time. This feature also allows the company to plan their installations with greater accuracy and efficiency and it might also help them to provide a better service to their customers and to satisfy them to a greater degree.

One of Watkins Steel’s projects is being used in the upcoming Commonwealth Games and will be located within the Athletes Village. The Commonwealth Games Architectural Arbour Model is being designed with the help of AR and they have also been selected the winner in the Tekla BIM Awards (Australia & New Zealand) in the Sports and Recreation Category for their Tekla model of the 2018 Commonwealth Games Athletes Village Architectural Arbour and Disc Structure.

Outsource Institute is currently training Watkins Steel’s employees in the Cert III in Engineering – Technical CAD/CAM who are directly involved with the drafting of the steel structures and converting the CAD (Computer Aided Drafting) files into CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) files for the workshop machinery. They are also required to build the augmented reality files so the structures can be viewed through the AR glasses/googles.

The success of all manufacturing in the world will eventually rely on automation and AR skills. Despite the declining traditional manufacturing industry in Australia, there are many opportunities for companies to fill the technology gaps by upskilling and cross-skilling workers for the more advanced manufacturing wave. The pressures that manufacturing is experiencing are not unique to Australia. Skills for the modern tradesperson are paramount to the success of a country’s manufacturing capability and their overall economic success and therefore, this new wave involves upskilling. Get yourself prepared for Industry 4.0, the current trend of automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies. Industry 4.0 shows how fast technology advances and keeping up with these changes is crucial to everyone’s career progression.[5]

If you are interested in upskilling and you would also like to embrace the benefits of the advancing manufacturing industry – Industry 4.0, take advantage of upskilling. Outsource Institute’s courses can help you to capitalise on those changes with our Hydraulics, Instrumentation,

Manufacturers using Augmented Reality (AR) on the factory floor.

Advanced Welding Technology and Pneumatics courses. There are other crucial skills that are important in the advancing manufacturing industry to bring your engineering career to the next level such as leadership skills and strong communication skills which give you the capability to communicate your engineering knowledge to an uninitiated audience. Diversifying your skills will make you stand out in a competitive employment market and increase efficiency, customer satisfaction and effectiveness.[6] According to the ‘Manufacturing: a moment of opportunity’ report 2017, ‘there is more economic space than at any time in recent years to expand investment, production, and employment in value-added manufacturing.’[7]

Industry 4.0 creates what has been called the “Smart Factory” and “Smart Factories” will need a “Smart Workforce”.



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Our exciting 2018 partnerships

Outsource Institute of Technology are excited to continue working together with our partners in 2018. We value our current partnerships with Custom Fluid Power and SMC Pneumatics (Australia) Pty Ltd to offer a complete solution to all your training needs in engineering hydraulics and pneumatics.


About Custom Fluid Power

Custom Fluid Power Training (RTO #52099) established in 2009, is one of the largest hydraulics, pneumatics and electronics solutions providers in Australia. Custom Fluid Power Training have utilised their accumulated knowledge gained from working with leading national and international organisations to develop hydraulic related programs that address current industry needs and standards.

Custom Fluid Power have a range of options available to assist with your training needs which include non-accredited MDG41 safety courses, hydraulics beginners courses and Nationally Recognised courses that can lead to achieving MEM40105 Certificate IV in Engineering (Fluid Power) offered by Outsource Institute of Technology. More information concerning the courses can be found here

The courses offered in 2018 are:

  • Hydraulics 1.0
  • Hydraulics 2.0
  • Hydraulics 3.0
  • Hydraulics 4.0

Check out the 2018 course dates for the Custom Fluid Power courses here

About SMC

SMC Pneumatics (Australia) Pty Ltd has established a position as the world leader in pneumatics, a position supported by superior customer service, a quality product range of over 700,000 product variations and the commitment to new products developed each year from the R & D and technical centres located in Japan, USA and Europe. With manufacturing centres positioned strategically around the globe SMC supports its customers with both standard and specially modified and designed products.

Our partnership with SMC offers you courses in Pneumatics. These courses can lead to achieving MEM40105 Certificate IV in Engineering (Fluid Power) offered by Outsource Institute of Technology. More information concerning the courses can be found here

The courses offered in 2018 are:

  • 3 Day P1 Course – MEM18018C Maintain Pneumatic System Components
  • 2 Day P2 Course – MEM18019B Maintain Pneumatic Systems

Check out the 2018 course dates for the SMC courses here



About me
I’m an early riser, crime show fanatic and super organised. I like to challenge myself,  whether that be taking on a new project at work or pushing myself in the gym. On the weekends I enjoy spending time outdoors, which usually involves a long walk with my greyhound.

What will your role be at Outsource Institute?
My role is Executive Support Officer and will involve supporting the Executive Leadership Team with core business activities.

What experience do you have?
I have a Bachelor of Business Management and over 10 years’ experience in administrative, project support and communication roles in the education and training and professional services sectors.

Why did you want to work for Outsource Institute?
I was drawn to Outsource Institutes’ philosophy and values, in particular the belief that the combination of life experience and education drives positive change for the individual and broader community. I look forward to being a part of a team that strives to deliver positive educational experiences for its clients and students.

Meet Millan Borovina!

Say hello to Millan Borovina, a recent engineering graduate.

At just 25 years of age, Millan has already completed both a MEM50212 Diploma of Engineering – Technical and a MEM60112 Advanced Diploma in Engineering. Millan is now completing his Bachelor of Engineering with Honours majoring in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Southern Queensland whilst working as a Senior Mechanical Designer at Royal Wolf, where he has been working for the past four years. Read on to find out more about Millan’s educational journey.


Q. Tell us about yourself. Where have you worked in the past, in what roles, industries and for which organisations?
A.  During my traineeship I worked in the Manufacturing and Engineering team at Royal Wolf as a Mechanical Designer where it was my responsibility to turn concept designs from the customer into a reality by modelling them in SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD (computer-aided design) software. In this role I had the opportunity to work on a large variety of jobs from smaller ones such as shipping container cafes to much larger jobs for Eat Street Markets, Mining Camps Australia and projects for the Australian Defence Force.


Q. Before you decided to undertake these qualifications, had you obtained any other tertiary qualifications, either from a university or any other registered training organisation?
A. When I was 17 years old I did one year of Civil Engineering however I did not enjoy going straight back into studying following my completion of Year 12 and left this after one year.

Q. Why did you decide to undertake these qualifications and why did you choose to undertake them with Outsource Institute of Technology?
A.  I wanted to do a traineeship working in engineering and design and it was this that led me to Outsource Institute of Technology. A contributing factor was also the fact that it reduces the time of my university degree as some of the courses I undertook at Outsource Institute count as credit towards my current bachelor’s degree.

Q. Now that you have completed these qualifications, what elements of the training did you find the most useful and what areas are you most likely to use in the workplace?
A. In my day-to-day work I have ended up using a bit of everything from my training. This includes the project management elements that I use when dealing with larger jobs and 3D CAD drafting and design that I use for the more intricate design work.

Q. How do you feel your qualifications will advance your career?
A. Both my Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Engineering assisted with my bachelor’s degree before I had even started it, whilst also giving me that extra edge for future employment as I will have completed these qualifications on top of my bachelor’s degree.

Q. What is your greatest hope for your career in the future and where do you see yourself in the next few years?
A. Hopefully, I will have finished studying! I would also love to go into the research and development side of things (as that’s the fun stuff!).

Q. What do you like to do in your spare time?
A. Apart from my bachelor’s degree which consumes a lot of my spare time, I try to relax, get outside and see my friends.

Q. If you could do it again, would you choose the same career field?
A. Yes! I love it.

Q. Would you recommend this course and studying with Outsource Institute of Technology to others?
A. Definitely. These qualifications are valuable assets towards my future.

With an already established career in Mechanical Engineering at Royal Wolf, who knows where the future will take this young Engineer! Outsource Institute would like to congratulate Millan on completing his Diploma of Engineering – Technical and Advanced Diploma in Engineering and wishes him all the best for his future endeavours.

If you would like to find out more information on Outsource Institute of Technology of the courses offered, contact one of our Training and Development Specialists today on 1300 136 904.

Meet Krystal Xu – Career Mentoring Program between Outsource Institute and the University of Queensland (UQ)

Meet Krystal Xu

Outsource Institute of Technology’s Marketing Manager and Business Trainer and Assessor Hayley Gorlitz-Wilson is currently participating as a Mentor in the Business, Economics and Law (BEL) Faculty’s Career Mentoring Program at the University of Queensland (UQ). This Program puts high achieving, motivated students from UQ’s Faculty of Business, Economics and Law in contact with key industry professionals. Over the past few months, Hayley has been mentoring Krystal Xu, a Chinese student studying her Masters in Marketing and International Business.

About Krystal

Born in Changchun, China in 1991, Krystal has worked and studied all around the world from China to Japan, Vietnam and now Australia. Studying and working in a foreign country provides many unique challenges including adjusting to the country’s culture, learning their language or making new friends and creating connections. Whether it is your first time abroad or you’re a seasoned traveler, making a new home and starting work or university in a new country is a time of great change and can be a difficult process to navigate. This is something Krystal Xu has become highly accustomed to.

As a personal industry mentor, Hayley has been an invaluable source of experience and support as Krystal makes the transition from student to graduate later this year. When asked about her time spent working and studying around the globe and her experience with the Career Mentoring Program, this is what Krystal had to say.


Krystal’s Experience

1. Where did you complete your undergraduate study and what did you complete?
“I studied a Bachelor in Literature majoring in the Japanese Language. I spent the first two years at the Jilin University of Finance and Economics in China and the last two years in Japan at Hokkaido Bunkyo University. I also completed a Second Academic Certificate in Finance in China.”

2. Why did you decide to undertake your Masters in Marketing and International Business at the University of Queensland?
“I enjoy promoting what I like to all my friends, developing creative ideas and making these ideas known. It was for these reasons that I chose to undertake my Masters in Marketing. However, when I found out I could use my extra credits to finish another major, I also chose International Business to complement my postgraduate Marketing degree. This was because I wanted to learn more about global economies across the world as well as obtain an understanding and knowledge of international businesses and how they operate.”

3. Where have you worked in the past?
“My first part-time job was as a waitress at MMC Coffee Shop in Xinchitose Airport, Japan from 2013 to 2014. I also worked as a Shop Assistant Intern at Target in Lismore, Australia as part of a school exchange program for one week and a Shop Assistant at BOSCO MOTO (a motorbike clothing store) in Chitose, Japan for three months in 2014. More recently I have worked as a Global Marketing Director for eLightUp (a start-up WordPress company) in Hanoi, Vietnam for three months from 2016 to 2017. These days I volunteer as a Digital Marketing Executive to touch the Australian market.”

4. How do you find China, Japan, and Australia differ from each other in both a personal and professional sense?
“China is my hometown, I love her more than any other country. With the greatest population size compared to all other countries, Chinese generations are facing a highly competitive workforce with great expectations on developing and reforming China into a better country.

Everything in Japan has been developed to a near perfect level. Although Japan is a highly-developed Asian country with a strong economy where the people live in peace, the Japanese culture places a large social pressure on people. While it is easy to live and work in Japan with their easy-to-follow social rules present in their country’s culture, it is difficult to live there since I must behave as perfectly as I can.

Australia is a fantastic place for me to study, not only for the incredible education system but also as a way to experience a Western society. The Australian culture tends more towards the casual side of things where people enjoy life and having fun over a serious lifestyle. All ideas are welcomed and everything can be changed. Although it can be challenging at times to work in Australia and understand Australian’s fast-talking English and high-pace working style, it is also easy to settle down and enjoy the life.

All in all, I love these three countries including the food, the people and the cultures. I cannot be like this without any of them. I always say to myself: Behave as a Japanese, think as a Westerner, pride as a Chinese.”

5. How do you feel your mentor Hayley Gorlitz-Wilson supported you throughout your transition from student to graduate?
“Hayley is very knowledgeable and experienced on how to quickly execute logical ideas with her rich work experiences from working in marketing for so long. She is sweet and beautiful and helps me a lot! A lot!

Hayley taught me how to write a professional resume and cover letter and provided me with tips on the interview process. She helped me to gain a better understanding of the current marketing industry and its future and outlined a clear road map for me to follow in order to achieve my career aspirations. Hayley also taught me many structures on how to deal with practical problems in the workplace which helped to cover the gap between a student, a graduate and an employee.

I greatly appreciate everything Hayley has done for me. With her help, I successfully secured two digital marketing internships!”

6. What did you learn or take away from your participation in the BEL Career Mentoring Program?
“This Program has been extremely useful for me. Firstly, it helped to identify where my strengths and weaknesses lie and how to develop these. Secondly, I learned some practical ideas and structures on how to deal with certain problems and execute solutions. Thirdly, I was able to work out what I want to do once I graduate from The University of Queensland and how to achieve this in my future.”

7. What is your greatest hope for your career in the future and where do you see yourself in the next few years?
“I hope that I can promote and extend a Chinese brand’s presence across the world while assisting other Chinese students studying marketing at a university level to explore their potential and future career path. I also hope to become a Project Manager in the next two years and have the opportunity to work on my own company and/or brand.”

8. What do you like to do in your spare time? Where do your passions lie?
“I like traveling, shopping and gossiping with friends as well as sports such as yoga and running. My passions are about trying new things, for example just recently I tried rock climbing for the first time at Urban Climb which was super cool. I also enjoy cooking and eating delicious food!”

9. If you could do it again, would you choose the same career field?
“Yes, I would! I love marketing! I believe I can use my marketing background to create a great future.”


Krystal has proven herself to be a highly determined and resilient young woman, dedicated to putting in 100% effort into everything she undertakes and making the most of every opportunity that comes her way. Krystal has a very bright future ahead and Outsource Institute would like to wish Krystal all the best for her future endeavours!

If you would like to find out more information on Outsource Institute of Technology or Hayley Gorlitz-Wilson’s participation in the BEL Faculty’s Career Mentoring Program at the University of Queensland, contact one of our friendly Training and Development Specialists on 1300 136 904.​


Anzac Day: Let us never forget

Current serving personnel in the Australian Army Reserves.

On 25 April 1915 members of the Australian Imperial Force (AIF) landed on Gallipoli in Turkey with troops from New Zealand, Britain, and France (Australian War Memorial, “First World War 1914-1918”). Historically, ANZAC (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps) was an acronym devised by Major General William Birdwood’s staff in Cairo in early 1915.  It was used for registering correspondence for the new corps.

After the landing at Gallipoli, General Birdwood requested that the position held by the Australians and New Zealanders on the peninsula be called ‘Anzac’ to distinguish it from the British position at Helles. Not surprisingly, the word was soon applied to the men of the corps who became ‘Anzacs’ (Department of Veteran Affairs, “Protecting the Word ANZAC”). For Australians and New Zealanders, Anzac Day has become a time to recognise the courage, mateship, skill and perseverance of all those who have served and to say ‘thank you’.

The team at Outsource Institute consists of both current and past personnel from the Australian Defence Force.


Stephen Love served as a Chief Petty Officer in the Royal Australia Navy from 1987 to 2011. Stephen is now employed with Outsource Institute as the General Manager and is also responsible for Training and Compliance.  Pictured on the left is Stephen on his first ship HMAS Parramatta in 1987.



Stephen Grady joined the Royal Australian Air Force in 1979 as a non-Commissioned Officer and was discharged in 1992.  From 2001 to 2005, he re-enlisted to participate in the Active Reserve.  Stephen is now working for Outsource Institute as an Engineering Trainer and Assessor. Stephen is pictured on the left sitting in an aircraft during his time in the Air Force.


They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old;
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them.


Rhiannon Roberts

Rhiannon Roberts

What will your role be at Outsource Institute?
Administrative Support Officer.

What experience do you have?
I have completed a Certificate I and II in Business, as well as, a Certificate I in Work Education. I previously worked in the Hair Dressing industry, so I have developed strong customer service skills which I feel will become immediately beneficial in my new role at Outsource Institute.

Why did you want to work for Outsource Institute?
Outsource Institute seems like a great company to work for and their values align really closely to my own. I was also looking for a career change, having previously worked in the Hair Dressing industry and valuing education, I decided working within the education industry would be right up my alley. I also wanted to work for Outsource Institute as they have offered me a trainee-ship with a path for ongoing professional development.

I really enjoy spending time with my family, going to the beach and organising. Being well organised affords me the ability to keep on task in an orderly fashion. I have a sunny disposition and enjoy working with other like-minded individuals. I love learning new things and being able to put these learnings into practice. I am excited about my role with Outsource Institute and working as a part of their innovative and dynamic team.

Learning is a lifelong process

quality auditingMeet Darryl Graham, Outsource Institute of Technology’s very first great grandfather to complete our Diploma of Quality Auditing!

Born in Brisbane in 1955, Darryl Graham is a true blue Aussie-born bloke. During his childhood, Darryl attended Padua College but left at the age of sixteen to start work as an apprentice carpenter with the state works department. Following this, he went to work for L.N. Spork Industries for eight years but left due to the closure of the business. Worked for 10 years in a partnership fencing business. By this point, Darryl had lost all motivation to work and took twelve months off for himself.

Not long after this, Darryl started working for Queensland Rail (QR), got into asbestos removal and has been there ever since. In this role, Darryl audits sites managed by QR to see if they are handling the asbestos risk properly and recommends ways the risk management could be improved upon. From a young carpenter installing asbestos in his late teens and early twenties to now dedicating his life to removing it, Darryl has come a long way. In his own words, asbestos is his “passion.”

Now, Darryl Graham has taken his career one step further. In 2015, Darryl enrolled at Outsource Institute of Technology and has since graduated to become Outsource Institute’s first great grandfather to have completed a Diploma of Quality Auditing.

“You don’t know how much [you’ve learnt] until you’re doing something and it’ll click in” Darryl explained when asked what he learnt from doing the Diploma. “Before, learning about the fundamentals of auditing use to not make any sense but now that I’m aware [of the auditing processes], it all sort of paints a picture.”

When discussing the learning process, Darryl found it was Outsource Institute’s Trainers that made all the difference for him. “Hayley [My Trainer] brought a lot to the course for me. She explained it in layman’s terms. I got more out of that.” The Trainers and Assessors at Outsource Institute work around their client’s needs and parameters and are professionally experienced and qualified to the highest degree. “It’s the way they get things across,” Darryl stated.” “Very experienced. Very good.”

With three children, five grandchildren and one great grandchild, Darryl gives new meaning to the term ‘full house.’ Describing himself as a “pretty easy going” family man with a “constant smile on [his] face,” Darryl enjoys teaching his family the life skills he’s learnt along the way.  When asked what the word ‘family’ means to him, he defined it in two words: “happiness” and “joy.”

So will Darryl be retiring any time soon? No siree! In his own words, “I’ll be working there till they kick me out!”


BSB51615 Diploma of Quality Auditing is a two-year Diploma offered by Outsource Institute of Technology that provides our students with the skills and knowledge required to initiate and lead audits, lead and manage a team, ensure regulatory practices are adhered to across the organisation and facilitate continuous improvement strategies in a workplace. Whilst undertaking this program, students may choose their electives from the following list:

  • Information management
  • Management
  • Project management
  • Quality auditing
  • Risk management
  • Sustainability
  • Workplace effectiveness

The delivery of the program employs active learning, continuous improvement projects, workplace mentoring, assessments and workshop solutions. Upon completion of this Diploma, graduates are qualified for employment opportunities in numerous areas, including:

  • Internal auditing
  • Quality assurance managing
  • Quality facilitating
  • Quality and improvement consulting
  • Service quality system support analysing


For more information on this course, contact one of our friendly Training and Development Specialists today on 1300 136 904.