Turning a potential problem into a good solution

MRS Services Group Personnel

Pictured on the left in descending order: Alastair Savill, Ryan Williams (left) and Martin Whipp (right), Jacob Sweetman, Troy Leedham, Taane Carroll-Shuttleworth and Alan Groves holding their statements of achievement for the competencies required for onsite access.



Concerned about what you would do if you went to work one day to find that you or your staff were unable to enter a site due to new compliance standards requiring a higher level skillset? Learn how to turn this potential problem into a good solution.


Due to new competency compliance standards introduced in 2015 by local coal operators, Outsource Institute of Technology was approached by MRS Services Group to provide a customised skillset, training and qualification for their tradespeople working in both the Mechanical and Fitting base trades. These new specifications had highlighted to MRS that there was a gap between current skills and those required to meet the new standards to allow their tradespeople to continue working at specific sites within New South Wales.


In October 2015, using Outsource Institute’s flexible work-based training delivery method, Outsource Institute and MRS partnered to deliver MEM40105 Certificate IV in Engineering to MRS tradespeople. All course participants have now finished the modules required for onsite access. Since this initial partnership, Outsource Institute now has an ongoing relationship with MRS to provide customised training to their tradespeople.


With the constant technological advancements in today’s ever-changing society, a base trade may no longer be enough to take a technical worker through the duration of their career. This is why Outsource Institute partners with individuals and organisations like MRS, to offer training opportunities that assist tradespeople in gaining recognition for their current skills and enable them to upskill to a higher qualification if necessary.


It is becoming increasingly evident that organisations within the Mining, Engineering, Civil and Construction industries can benefit by aligning themselves with a trusted and knowledgeable registered training organisation (RTO).


For more information on Outsource Institute of Technology and the training offered, contact a staff member today on 1300 136 904.

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